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How important is it to pamper myself?

Private Pampering

Not all lingerie is meant to please someone else. Sometimes you need a little private pampering. Try this:

  • Light some candles, take a steamy bath filled with bubbles or your favorite oil. (Lavender and chamomile are both excellent for relaxing, and great for your skin, too.)
  • Afterwards, slip into a thick bath robe or even some sexy and comfortable lingerie and curl up in bed or on your couch with your favorite movie, book or music.
  • Remember: spending a little time on yourself will give you more energy to give to others.

What robe should I wear with my lingerie?

Robes For All Lingerie

Robes are a great addition to any lingerie ensemble. But which robes go with what pieces of lingerie? The best rule of thumb is if the lingerie is form-fitting, such as a teddy, pretty much any robe of any weight can go over it. Heavy silks or satins as well as sheer and lacy robes can accompany almost any nightgown, teddy or peignoir as long as the colors work together. If the garment is already flowing, such as a baby doll or a loose chemise, your best bet is to pick a sheer robe that will not crimp the movements of the lingerie underneath it.

Is a robe considered lingerie?

Your Opening Act

Don't underestimate the power of a robe. Think of robes as curtains that cover a well-dressed stage. Wear your sexiest lingerie and keep it covered with a seductive robe until you're ready to start the show. Once you open that robe and reveal the delicacies that await your audience, you'll both be singing the praises of deferred pleasure!

What styles of plus-size robes are there?

Viva Variety

Women have changing moods. Luckily, so does a woman's plus size robe. Hug your curves in a variety of styles. If you're feeling a little eastern, try a kimono robe or a robe with a mandarin collar. Feeling like a jungle cat? Why not slip into a daring animal print robe? Or for a demure look, try a pretty lace robe. It's great to know you can change your robe as often as you change your mood!

What's an easy glamorous look for home?

Easy Glamour

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to glam up your look for an evening in, try a women's robe. Everyone looks good in a robe, whether it's silk or satin, fine cotton or lace. Whatever your personality, there are plenty of robe styles to chose from. So what are you waiting for? Wrap up and cinch that sash. It's time to get glamorous!

Can I wet clean my silk robe?

"Wet" Cleaning Your Silk Robe

It is possible to wet clean (not dry clean) your silk robe, if you follow these instructions. Swirl the garment in cool water, using a mild castile soap. (Soap with a pH above 10 will destroy silk.) Rinse, then press - don't wring - out excess water. Hang dry.

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