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How can I give my figure a lift?

We Have Lift-off!

Looking to give your figure a little lift? Nothing works better than a bustier. Back boning helps shape your body, along with fabrics that stretch just enough to allow you to move in all the right places. Underwire cups give excellent support to your bust, giving it that classic voluptuousness hardly any man can resist.

Can I wear my bustier for a night out?

Bustiers For Daytime

Did you know you can wear your plus size bustier outside of the bedroom? Dress down your favorite bustier with a nice pair of jeans. Or dress it up with elegant trousers. Just choose a bustier that seems right for the outside. Your best bet is to choose a solid color bustier and pair it with a nice jacket or wrap.

What can I do for instant sexiness?

Instant Sexiness: Just Add You

For failsafe sexiness in the bedroom, you can rely on bustier lingerie every time. Luxurious fabrics and designs like floral satin jacquard are not only beautiful to look at and touch, they will bring out the best of any figure! Try one and see how quickly the temperature in your bedroom rises!

What is a bustier bra?

Bustier Lite

Don't need or want the support of an entire bustier? Why not try a bustier bra instead? These handy garments have the lifting abilities of a regular bustier, but only reach to the mid-torso. Usually there is no boning involved, but rather just the lovely length of fabric that adds a little extra to your typical bra.

What should I wear under my strapless dress?

Bustier Support System

Think of a bustier as a bra for your whole torso. Knowing that, there's no need to shy away from wearing a strapless bustier. Even the largest busts are held in perfect place by the under wires that are built into every bustier. Often, back boning and even back lacing help to pull your whole look together. Strapless bustiers are also a great to choice to wear under strapless gowns - for any bust size or figure.

How popular are bustiers?

Pop Goes The Bustier

You already know how good wearing a bustier can make you feel. If you didn't figure it out on your own, you may have seen it on television. In the 1980s, Madonna made the bustier famous in her music video that showed the world she felt "Like a Virgin"!

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