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What should I keep in mind when shopping for full-figured lingerie?

Buying Full-figured Lingerie

When shopping for plus-size lingerie, try to find articles that flatter your shape and are comfortable to wear. Dark colors can be slimming and it is better to wear lingerie that shows off your curves rather than hiding them away. Full figures can be very attractive, it is just important to emphasize your curves and shape rather than covering everything up.

How do I buy lingerie for my wife/girlfriend?

Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men

Face it; there's nothing more titillating and frustrating than lingerie shopping for your woman. Here are a couple of main pointers. Remember the lingerie is for her, not you. That is, she has to wear it, so keep her comfort level in mind. Choose pieces that say "I love you" not "Let's get it on." A woman likes to feel adored and desired.

What is an ideal piece of plus-size lingerie?

Baby Yourself With A Babydoll

One really nice intimate garment you're likely to find in a plus size lingerie store is the baby doll. This is a sleeveless, loose fitting top with sheer material attached with lengths varying from just under the breasts to the derriere. Because the baby doll is loose fitting, it can't easily be worn under clothing and is really reserved only for bedroom wear. Because the baby doll is loose fitting, it makes an ideal piece of plus size lingerie.

Where can I buy lingerie?

Where To Buy Lingerie

While it's ideal to be able to shop for lingerie in a brick-and-mortar lingerie store where you can try on items, this is not always possible. Luckily the internet offers lingerie shopping online. Be sure you know your sizes. Also, read carefully about what material your garment is made of to avoid later disappointment. There's nothing worse than getting leather when you wanted lace (or vice versa!).

Can I buy lingerie online?

Online Shopping For Lingerie

If you feel a little embarrassed about going into a sexy lingerie store to purchase erotic lingerie, try shopping online. This offers a discreet option for all shoppers. Also it gives you chance to really look through our entire product line before making a purchase -- all in the privacy of your own home! Many online stores also offer discreet, non-descript packaging as well.

Should I take my partner with me when I shop for lingerie?

Buy Lingerie Together!

Erotic lingerie can be fun for both partners. Woman sometimes feel a little embarrassed putting it on, but once they realize their partner is really enjoying it, embarrassment diminishes. Risqué lingerie has always had a slight taboo, but this fact only adds to the fun. You may wish to shop for lingerie together. The act of choosing the pieces and imagining them being worn is almost as exciting as actually wearing them!

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