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What should I wear with my garter belt?

Accessorizing Your Plus-size Garter Belt

Wondering what to wear with your plus size garter belt? The good news is that many styles of garter belts these days come with matching panties. For extra spice, try pairing your garter belt with a pair of crotchless panties. If your garter belt is made of a patterned material such as lace, keep your stockings neutral and unpatterned. The same goes in reverse: pattered stockings, neutral garter.

What is a garter belt?

Garter Belt Basics

So, what exactly is a garter belt ? Basically, it's a thin belt worn around the waist with straps, called garters, that clasp onto stockings to keep them from falling down. Usually the back of the garter is adjustable to fit different waist sizes and the garter straps can be adjusted for length.

Finding the right garter belt can take some doing and if you are thick at the waist, a garter belt may end up being quite uncomfortable. Garter belt alternates include body stockings and thigh high stockings that stay in place on their own. It's hard to beat the feeling of elegance though, that you get from a gorgeous bra, panty, garter belt and stocking lingerie ensemble.

What was the original use for a garter belt?

Garter Belts Then & Now

Historically, garter belts provided a function -- to keep your stockings from falling down. (Remember, these were the days before elastic.) Even men wore garters around their calves to keep their socks up! These days, the sexy garter belt is just about the only one we think of when we hear the phrase. These come in several alluring fabrics and colors, and are usually used to seduction, not function!

What's the deal with wedding garters?

The Wedding Garter Tradition

Typically, a bride wears a removable wedding garter around her thigh, under her wedding gown. The garter itself is usually elastic, with lace and sometimes flower patterns. During the reception, the groom ceremoniously removes the garter and tosses it into the crowd of male guests, symbolizing the deflowering of his bride. This doesn't mean you can't wear a garter belt beneath your gown as well!

Do garter belts come in leather?

Luxurious Leather Garter Belts

Super sexy as well as super comfortable, a leather garter belt is an excellent addition to your lingerie collection. Since leather garter belts are designed to be worn so close to your sensitive skin, most are made of the softest worked leather and materials which prevent irritation and skin problems. Nothing says classy like leather, so if you're ready to take your sexiness seriously, a leather garter belt may be just the ticket!

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