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What should I wear on my wedding night?

Wedding Night Lingerie

You've had your special day, now make your night special! An entire line of bridal lingerie is available to make the first night with your husband a more than memorable occasion. Go with a classic white satin corset or teddy (with matching gloves, of course!). Or try something playful like a satin g-string with a train!

How do I make my wedding night truly elegant?

Your Elegant Wedding Night

If your wedding is a formal affair, there's no question you should treat yourself to elegant bridal lingerie. Lucky for you, the discerning bride, there is plenty to be had! Whether you prefer silk to satin or chiffon to tulle, there are plenty of choices. It's your night and there's no better way to remind your husband what a fine choice he made than to dress yourself in the finest lingerie.

Why is satin so popular in bridal lingerie?

The Satin Bride

Not only does everyone look good in satin, it feels fantastic -- to wear and to touch! That could be why satin bridal lingerie is so popular. Add a little color to your wedding night by switching from classic white to a burgundy or claret satin gown. Even better, hide a corset and garter belt under a flowing satin robe and tease your man with a little strip tease!

What materials are used in bridal lingerie?

Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In Lace

Silk and satin may be the most common fabrics for sexy bridal lingerie. But there are so many others as well. Why not play up your curves with a lace corset? There's a timeless elegance about lace. Not to mention how sexy and lovely you can look in it. Just because your dress is super simple, doesn't mean your lingerie needs to be.

Can I find bridal lingerie to fit my full figure?

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

It goes without saying that your wedding night should be one of the sexiest of your life. Why not seal the deal with plus size bridal lingerie that shows off the body he loves? You'd be hard pressed to find a man who doesn't appreciate seeing his lady in a peek-a-boo teddy and heels! Lingerie is a great way to make your wedding night one you'll remember forever.

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