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What is a good way to spice up my love life with lingerie?

Leather 'n' Chains

Live out your tough girl fantasy with leather chain lingerie. A cross between diva and dominatrix, a leather teddy with chains is perfect for heating up the action in your bedroom. With leather's supple feel and chains begging to be pulled, there are plenty of options available to you and your partner when you wear this little number.

How do I remove spots on leather lingerie?

Cleaning Leather Lingerie

Leather lingerie is a great investment for long-lasting sexiness, but only if you take care of it. Like any piece of leatherwear, you must keep the leather clean. To remove spots, use equal parts lemon and cream of tartar. Work into a paste and apply to spot with a damp cloth. If spots are still present, leave the paste on for a period of time before wiping clean.

Is there leather lingerie for plus sizes?

Love Your Curves With Leather

Got curves? Nothing shows them off more than leather. The good news is that plus size leather lingerie is easier to find than you might think! From corsets and bustiers to bras and minis, you have tons of sexy options that will make your partner swoon. Dive into the world of luxurious leather!

Where can I wear my leather lingerie?

Leather Lingerie Under House Arrest?

No doubt you can make a strong statement with exotic leather lingerie. Most of these attention-grabbing pieces are meant for the bedroom. (I wouldn't recommend grocery shopping in your cupless leather corset, no matter how fabulous you look in it.) However some leather lingerie -- like mini skirts and dresses -- can be donned for a very special night on the town.

Do garter belts come in leather?

Leather Garter Belts

Garter belts are perhaps the first thing many think of when they think of lingerie. If you're a garter belt fan, try a leather garter belt! You can pair them with fishnet stockings, a g-string (or nothing at all). Talk about sexy leather lingerie!

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