Becoming a Plus Size Lingerie Model Tips

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How often should I contact a modeling scout or agent?

Stay In Touch

There are rare cases when models are discovered in stores or on the street. However, to get and keep a career in plus size lingerie modeling takes a lot of perseverance. Don't pester scouts and modeling agents with constant phone calls, but do make contact and stay informed of any openings within the agency. A card or e-mail is perfect for keeping your face in front of theirs!

How do I research the plus size modeling industry?

Stay On Top Of Your Career

It is vital for plus size lingerie model hopefuls to keep themselves informed of the latest fashions and trends. Attend runway shows, subscribe to fashion magazines, improve make-up skills, and practice posing and walking. Being on top of your passion will definitely put you ahead of the game. Modeling is more than a pretty face. Models must be knowledgeable of the industry, and aware of what is expected of them.

How do I become a plus-size model?

Becoming a Plus-size Lingerie Model

If you are interested in becoming a plus size lingerie model, contact local and nationwide modeling agencies. When contacting agencies, inquire as to whether they are accepting plus-size models. If they are, schedule an appointment to meet with the agency. During certain times of the year many agencies have open calls. Research upcoming open call dates, and plan to attend.

Do I need a portfolio if I want to be a model?

Girls On Film

Modeling agencies will expect to view a portfolio when they conduct interviews. Photographs are essential to your career. Prior to attending an interview, hire a photographer to take several snapshots of you -- face and full body -- in different fashions. While a professional photographer can be expensive, if your photos land you a gig as a lingerie model, it's well worth the price.

What should I do/say/wear to my modeling interview?

The Modeling Interview

Don't wear too much make-up to your modeling interview. In fact, it may be wise to wear no make-up at all. Modeling agencies have a soft heart for natural beauty. Additionally, dress simply. Wearing attire that is too casual or flamboyant may leave a bad impression. Lastly, relax and be yourself!

Is fitness lingerie popular?

Fitness is Important to Plus Size Lingerie Modeling

Plus size models need to be healthy and fit. Plus size lingerie models still need to look great in their underwear - curves are great, but if you want to be a plus size lingerie model, the curves need to be in all the right places. If you are interested in becoming a plus sized lingerie model, start at the gym! Tone your waist, arms and legs but leave your hip and bust curves in place. You will be on your way in short order - and you'll be getting healthier to boot!

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