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What can I do to prevent Visible panty lines?

The Dreaded VPL

We've all experienced it. You've got your favorite fitted trousers on, you turn around to admire your derriere in the mirror and you gasp in horror: You've got the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line). One of the best remedies for VPL is to switch your bikini panties to a thong. The work wonders for giving you front coverage while leaving your lovely cheeks sleek and smooth under your clothes.

Can a pair of underwear spice up my sex life?


Panties are functional, sure. But they can also add a little zing to your sex life. For example, at least one pair of crotchless panties or sexy plus size crotchless panties are a must-have. A perfect marriage of sex appeal and a little risqué fun, crotchless panties will spice up your love life as well as your wardrobe.

How should I care for my panties?

Making Panties Last

Like any fine lingerie, many panties are made of delicate materials like lace or silk. When washing them, it's best to use a mild detergent like Woolite. Wash by hand, wring dry gently, and let them air dry -- preferably on a line outdoors in the sunshine or in a warm dry place!

What styles of panties are there?

The Choice Is Clear

How lucky we women are! There are so many styles of panties lately that we never have to fear getting bored with our underwear drawer again! Choose thongs and g-strings when you're feeling frisky. Get playful in boy shorts or hipsters. Or stick to the classic bikini. The choice is yours!

What is a g-string?

The Bare Minimum

Like the sexiness of a panty but don't want all the coverage? Your best bet is to pick up a g-string panty. Typically, these panties have nothing but the elastic or "string" around the hips and through the crotch area, with an attractive fabric panel (or nothing!) at the front. G-strings are great to get sexy mileage out of your underwear with the bare minimum!

Can panties be used to seduce my lover?

It's Your Secret

Try this: On a day you're feeling particularly amorous, put on your favorite dress or skirt. But this time, don't wear your usual pair of panties. Wear a pair of crotchless panties instead. Take your honey out for a nice walk in the park or a meal. Casually lean over and whisper your little secret in his ear. But just be ready for his reaction...!

What styles do thongs come in?

Playful Panties

Is there a special night coming up? Why not treat yourself to a plus size thong in a new and exciting design? Thongs can come in a variety of playful themes like animal print, tropical motifs, and even heart designs. Life is serious enough. There's no reason why your panties can't be fun!

What are boy-leg panties?

What's A Boy's Leg Doing In Your Panties?

Plus size panties just got a leg up. Try sexy and comfortable boy-leg panties. There's just enough coverage to keep the seam from riding up into your nether regions. Plus, that same coverage hugs your backside, smoothing it in al the right places. As for style, boy-leg panties come in sexy lace or even comfy cotton. Finally, a perfect pair of panties, just for you!

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