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What other kinds of lingerie are there?

Role Playing With Lingerie

Erotic lingerie isn't all teddies and fishnet stockings. Sexy dress-up also includes fantasy and role playing costumes. From naughty nurses to French maids and school girls, you can live out pretty much any fantasy you and your partner have.

Seems silly? Don't knock it until you try it. You'll be surprised how fun it is to be someone a little different for a change...

What kind of fetish wear is there?

Feed The Fetish

Know someone with a penchant for patent?

Plus size fetish wear has a whole line of patent and vinyl lingerie that brings out the very good bad girl in you! Try a stretch mini dress paired with thigh-high patent lace-up boots. The best part is that these glossy duds often come in a variety of colors to suit your mood.

Be pretty in pink, Racy in red or slick in black. They sky's the limit.

What size should I wear?

Sizing vs. Measurements

Erotic clothing is sexy...if it fits properly. When taking measurements make sure you take them accurately, using a tailor's tape measure. If your measurements translate to a size that falls between two sizes, it's better to select the larger size. Also, take note of any other size-altering elements like Straps and buckles. Don't believe one size fits all!

What is fetish wear?

Your Bedroom: Dungeon For A Night

Need a little change? Turn your bedroom into a dungeon with dark fabric and candlelight. (At least for one night...) Pick up a few fetish wear items like leather restraints and chain chokers. Wrap yourself in a pink vinyl teddy. Indulge in the fantasy of sexual domination...with a little playfulness. Sometimes it's good to be naughty and nice!

How do I measure my waist and hips?

Getting The Right Measurements

If you're a Rubenesque woman in the market for erotic lingerie, plus size erotic lingerie items are available to help you feel as sexy as you like! Take the time to be sure to get your measurements right.

For example, when measuring your waist, you should measure around the narrowest portion of your waist. However, when measuring hips, you should do the opposite, measuring around the fullest portion of your hips.

What is fetish clothing made of?

The Ingredients Of Fetish Clothing

While it's true that nearly any article of clothing can end up being fetish-ized, fetish clothing is often made of certain materials. A common shoe suddenly gets a fetish boost if it's made of PVC or fur, for example. Other materials often used for fetish wear are leather, fur, and rubber. Choose according to what is comfortable for you, but don't be afraid to push your boundaries a bit!

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