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How are corsets sized?

Sizing Up Corsets

Sizing a corset is simple. The size numbers refer to bust size. If you are a bust size 40C or D, you would wear a size 40 corset. If your cup size is larger, you should go up one size. In this case, up to a size 42. Sizes do range a bit within corsets so if you end up ordering a plus size corset, or regular corset online, make sure you purchase according to measurements, not according to “typical” sizing.

Can I wear a corset under my bridal gown?

Wedding Belles

There is almost nothing sexier than a bridal corset. It represents the perfect combination of sweetness and seduction. Many corsets are designed to wear under your wedding gown itself. You'll look your best with a streamlined torso and extra support. Besides, there's a treat for your new husband when you remove your gown later that night!

What Do I Need To Know About Buying A Leather Corset?

Buying A Leather Corset

There is one very important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a plus size leather corset: Leather stretches. While you probably won't be wearing your corset as often as, say, your favorite pair of leather shoes, you may still move around in it enough to experience some leather relaxation. A fit a little on the snug side is a good idea, but keep your comfort level in mind.

Are corsets fashionable?

Corsets in Fashion

Although corsets used to be used to cinch waists to abnormal proportions (sometimes as small as thirteen inches!), these days that is thankfully no longer the case. Today, corsets are worn as a sexy fashion statement as well as a splendid piece of lingerie. Depending on the cut and what they are made of, corsets look great on any figure. Try one for yourself and find out!

What varieties of corsets are there?

All Tied Up In Plus Size Corsets

Corsets are no longer used for waist-cinching. Now, corsets help us accentuate our figures rather than alter them. Dread the thought of doing up all those tiny hooks? Many plus size corset styles use zippers or laces instead of hooks. Now it's even easier to look your best for that special night.

What is a good sexy gift to give my wife?

The Gift That Keeps Giving

What better gift to give the woman in your life than a lingerie corset? She feels sexy in it; you get to see her in it! Everybody wins. If you don't already know her bra size, find out by sneaking a peek in her underwear drawer. The bra size is a number followed by a letter. The number represents her bust size and the letter is her cup size. Both are very important for a proper fit in a corset!

Where did corsets come from?

A Little Corset History

The -- “corset," which is derived from the French word "corps" for body -- is a cinching garment that encases the middle torso to either push up or flatten the breasts, or to hug the waist into shape, or both. It is a fashion mainstay that has been in use in one form or another for hundreds of years, but its roots can be traced to drawings discovered at the Neolithic archaeological site at Brandon in Norfolk, England.

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