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Can I wear a teddy on a night out?

Taking Your Teddy Out

Ever consider wearing a teddy to dinner? Well, if you do it right, you can. Sexy teddies can look great peeking out under jackets. Just keep in mind that the more understated your teddy is the better it will blend with the rest of your outfit. Also, be sure the teddy isn't too revealing. Keep the really hot stuff for the bedroom!

How sexy can lingerie get?

Really Want To Go Risqué?

All full-figure lingerie is designed to make you look and feel sexy. But if you want to take the sex factor up a notch, have a look at the plus-size lingerie teddies that have open fronts. If your breasts are your best asset, why not show them off? Add to the temptation by throwing on a sheer robe to tantalize your honey before revealing your secret!

What is a classy lingerie gift to give?

Looking For A Classy Gift?

Nothing says classy like a silk chemise. They're a great gift to give anyone -- from your wife or girlfriend to your sister or mother. (Choose the styles and colors that are appropriate, of course! Getting your mom a lacy red chemise is probably not the way to go. Get a more simplified style and a refined color like a deep turquoise or maroon. Silk chemises are a great way to tell the women in your life that they deserve to best.

Where did chemises come from?

From Smock To Chemise

Originally, in the 16th century, a chemise was a simple garment worn next to the skin to protect clothing from sweat and body oils. "Chemise" is the French term. Italians called it a "Camicia." The English called the same shirt a "Smock." Today, chemises are a staple in lingerie. They offer a fair amount of coverage but still look very delicate and attractive.

What is a teddy?

Beginner's Lingerie

If you're just starting out in the world of lingerie and don't quite know what is right for you, lingerie teddies are a great choice. The basic style is similar to a leotard, but much sexier. They typically cover your chest and hips and can end high in the hip or they can be cut like boy shorts. Teddies are also usually low cut with thin or spaghetti straps. As with most lingerie, teddies are available in a variety of materials and colors to suit every taste -- yours and your partner's.

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