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How do I start buying lingerie?

Three Steps to Introducing Lingerie Into Your Wardrobe

Buying large sized lingerie may seem like a daunting task. Take the time to research the styles that are available to you. Which make you feel the sexiest of all? Once you've decided, see a professional retailer/fitter to find the right size for you. The final step is to shop! Finding the perfect pieces of lingerie for your wardrobe is an incredibly satisfying experience -- in more ways than one!

Is plus size lingerie sexy?

How Sexy is Sexy?

Do you have any idea how sexy plus size lingerie can be? Get this: There are handfuls of varieties of bodystockings alone that silhouette your body. Garters and stockings come in all manner of colors and styles, depending on what strikes you're fancy. The raciest of chemises and teddies to adorn your fabulous body...and certainly arouse the interest of your special someone!

Is it appropriate to buy plus size lingerie as a gift?

Giving Lingerie as a Gift

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are you looking to buy some lingerie for plus size women? Here's what not to do: Don't ask her size! It's a dead giveaway! What you should do is check out something in her wardrobe that is similar -- night gowns or panties, etc. -- and use that as a guide. Choose items that reflect her personality. Remember this gift is for her first, and you second!

When should I wear sexy plus size clothing?

Going Out on the Town?

There is perhaps no better occasion for sexy plus size clothes than a night out with your partner or with friends. If you're a curvaceous creature, why not show it off? Humans are visual creatures -- a man in particular -- and looking good is a perfect way to attract someone special...if that's what you're after. Of course just feeling good in what you're wearing is a top priority as well!

What does "one size fits most" actually mean?

One Size Fits Most

A phrase that may come up as you shop for plus size intimates is "One Size Fits Most." Typically, this will be referring to refers to Plus- or Queen-size hosiery and/or lingerie. In specific terms, "One Size Fits Most" will generally fit women from 5' - 5' 11" tall (and up) to size 3X (or 220 lbs.).

What is the definition of "full figure"?

What Exactly is "Full Figure"?

Maybe you've seen advertisements for full figure lingerie. What exactly makes a figure "full"? Beyond common sense explanations, full figure usually means a size 14 dress or higher. In terms of bras and corsets, full-figured women typically have a 38 or larger bust size.

Does the lingerie industry acknowledge larger-sized women?

The Plus Size Lingerie Industry Responds

Large size lingerie isn't really a new industry, but it is one that is gaining popularity by the minute. As women stand up to unrealistic expectations of what a beautiful body should look like, lingerie manufacturers are responding to the call, producing more varieties and styles. News is finally coming across that dressing sexy for one's partner or even for oneself is a right deserved by women, no matter what their size!

How can I dress up my full figure?

Feeling Sexy?

Just about every woman on the planet likes to feel sexy. It's a fact of life. And a woman's size has nothing to do with her sex appeal. That's why plus-sized lingerie has been flying of shelves of lingerie shops all over the world. Finally, a woman can celebrate her femininity with intimate clothing that hugs her every curve.

Can I find lingerie to fit my full figure?

Plus Size Lingerie Exists!

If you're a voluptuous woman who is tired of squeezing into small-sized lingerie, plus sized lingerie is easier to find than you might imagine. Specially designed with your curves in mind, full-figure lingerie is now made in many varieties -- teddies, corsets, bodystockings, and so much more! There's a whole world of sexy attire waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?

What should I keep in mind when shopping for plus size clothing?

Dressing Yourself

When shopping for sexy plus sized clothes, keep in mind that the clothing is intended for your body, not the hanger or the model who's wearing it.

Hopefully you know what your best features are and should choose clothing to accentuate them. For instance, empire waists are great for women with a larger bust while a more fitted look will look better on someone who is a bit more thick-waisted.

You can also select clothing that will downplay features you're not so fond of. Most importantly, choose clothing with your spirit in mind. If you do, every time you wear your new threads, you'll radiate self-confidence -- and that's always sexy.

What about sexy plus size clothing?

Sexy Plus Size Clothing

Forget about sweats and body-hiding frocks. There are many new lines of sexy plus size clothing available to women of size. Celebrate your body by dressing it with the respect it deserves. And who says you can't turn a few heads in the process? There are so many types -- mini skirts to frilly feminine blouses -- designed to show off every inch of your fabulous self.

What plus size lingerie will be best for me?

How To Choose Plus Size Lingerie

One of the first things to consider before splurging on plus size lingerie is what styles or styles suit you the best. Make a list of your favorite physical assets. Do you have soft, supple skin? A fantastic derriere? Beautiful breasts? Whatever you come up with, have a look at the styles of lingerie that show off your very best. You'll look good and feel even better!

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