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What should I wear under my strapless dress?

Bustier Support System

Think of a bustier as a bra for your whole torso. Knowing that, there's no need to shy away from wearing a strapless bustier. Even the largest busts are held in perfect place by the under wires that are built into every bustier. Often, back boning and even back lacing help to pull your whole look together. Strapless bustiers are also a great to choice to wear under strapless gowns - for any bust size or figure.



6/19/2007 6:12:41 AM
Kevin Francis Brick said:

Excellent point!! :-) Especially for moms and older girls. Show 'em to me! I gotta see them! Looking forward to seeing my girl in white strap heels, white lace sox, lacie white panties, (boy cut?)and a white lace bustier! mmmmm Oh-I need to get a new riding crop, too. Tall red-head, sweet,pretty, submissive, She'll be my pride and joy!! :-) Oh- a little tip for you ladies-get a board, and a round roller. Put the board across the roller. Put one foot on each end of the board. Rock back in forth. (While watching TV, etc.) Great for your buns :-)


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