Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

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Can I find bridal lingerie to fit my full figure?

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

It goes without saying that your wedding night should be one of the sexiest of your life. Why not seal the deal with plus size bridal lingerie that shows off the body he loves? You'd be hard pressed to find a man who doesn't appreciate seeing his lady in a peek-a-boo teddy and heels! Lingerie is a great way to make your wedding night one you'll remember forever.



6/13/2011 1:04:37 PM said:

Women with plus size also needs the same thing that slim women want: to look hot, sexy, feel comfortable and want to fear clothes and fine lingerie with perfect fitting. Nowadays it become very simple and easier to get clothes for large size women, many manufacturers have introduced the plus sizes in their garment and fine lingerie section, but still to find something fabulous, comfortable and perfectly fit is quiet impossible. As no two females physic is similar and none of them wears the same clothing line.
Plus sizes are not only made for women having heavy physic. This type of fine lingerie is introduced for the women who are small in size, but still have large bust, or for very tall women. For instance a 5'2" long woman whose weight is 224 pounds can not wear 2 x nightgown but it will perfectly fits to the woman having 5'11" height and around 150 pound of weight. Finding fine lingerie is not about how much she weighs but depends on the proportion of her body shape.


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